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1st June 2022: Children's Day in Ukraine. Hope springs eternal. "The Children's Manifesto" in 12 languages is being sent to Ukraine in this Marist initiative, addressing in priority, the wholesale slaughter of children. Enroute, via Bangladesh, Bouganville, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu, Vietman and USA, this year's initiative has been commenced by the children of Kuya Centre in the Philippines.

30th May 2022: Ukraine continues to defend against the undeclared war that Putin has inflicted on Russia and Ukraine. Tens of thousands of young Russian lives lost. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives lost, although these include thousands of innocent children and thousands of innocent civilians.

25th April 2022: Anzac Day, Australia. Ukraine remains a critical focus.

4th April 2022: Ironic Anniversary - Lenin publishes his April Theses condemning the Provisional Government for its incapacity to call an end to the "imperialist" war that Russia found itself in and calls for further revolution in Russia

3rd March 2022: Vladimir Putin's war against Ukraine continues unabated.    16 children have died in Ukraine since Thursday;       45 are wounded. Sunday claimed civilian victims of at least 210, including more than a dozen children. Last Friday, a preschool was hit with deadly cluster munitions, while civilians sheltered inside. Heartbreakingly, a child and two others were killed. A witness said, “Everyone is covered with blood, everything. Look at it… it’s a kindergarten.”

This is not Russia's war. It is Putin's.

1st. Jan 2022: Economic Stimulus Plan ratified by Marscom Media.

Christmas 2021:

Marscom Media wishes all a very Merry Christmas and peace for 2022.

29 Nov 2021: PRESS RELEASE:


A consortium led by Marscom Media (independent of Marscom Television) is to guarantee an initial one million dollars of Pledges to insure purchases of merchandise by the Gen3M community. It is to cover pledges by young people regarding purchases of merchandise, in the event that any pledges are unable to be fulfilled under the program ROCS, being Recovery Over Coronis- Support.

It is one of the most ambitious economic stimulus platforms conceived, unleashed by members of the youngest generation, Gen3M, to help revitalise and stimulate economies globally. "It's addressing the massive debt incurred by us, currently being addressed by administrators of respective governments. We have a right to be heard."

Universal Children's Day is a focal point for Gen3M, declaring the rights of the child with "The Children's Manifesto" and it is scheduled to be heard again at the global Summit Meeting of their generation, as it continues its journey around the world.


26 Nov. 2021:

" Challenge Impossibility" is launched by Gen3M supporting the declaration of rights by this youngest generation of the 3rd Millennium, on Universal Children's Day from KuyaCenter, Philippines. The scheduled theatre production, "The 3rd Millennium", thwarted for production by covid, will now be previewed on 18th December (audience recorded for inclusion in the historic, feature documentary) at Uni NSW, Australia.


20 Nov. 2021: Universal Children's Day. Philippines launch a global initiative, supporting children's rights from KuyaCenter. Instead of a 24 hour global broadcast like 2020, children are challenging Impossibility further in 2021, with a 12 month vigil - the 12 languages delivered over 12 months, across Mother Earth.


17 Nov. 2021:

[Received belatedly] Philippines send an invitation to Marists, with an invitation to support the initiative of "The Children's Manifesto", commenced two decades ago by one young Marist voice, speaking out. Marist Champagnat College, Australia championed the Manifesto into the 3rd Millennium where it has grown across a dozen cultures. Marist Canberra initiated the 2020 launch of TCM and again it's being readied for its global transmission on Universal Children's Day, November 20, 2021. This time, across 12 languages, across 12 months, instead of 24 hours.


31st. Oct. 2021

The Children's Manifesto, a statement of rights of children, by children, has been launched this year by the Philippines. A 21-day vigil has commenced, leading towards Universal Children's Day, Nov.20th when it shall again go around Planet Earth in many languages, over the following 12 months.


24th Sept. 2021

Uni of Technology Sydney joins the ongoing global demonstrations for climate change.


6th Sept. 2021 Litte AJ is found. Australia rejoices! There's sadness too, remembering one little AJ who was lost to the world so long ago, "Little AJ" at just 3 years of age.

5th Sept. 2021. Father's Day (Australia) release - The 3rd Millennium (Part B) 

The 26th of August is another significant day: In 1995, an offer of assistance was made which could have changed the path of humankind

for so many but was rejected due to an obsession to alleviating the plight of children dying immediately



17th Aug 2021: The seventeenth of August is a significant day. It was on that day in 1994 while flying over the South China Sea, that SOS messages were passed to Qantas Captain John Jensen.

The messages had been sent from, and on behalf of, street children of Rio de Janeiro, who were systematically hunted and slain by squads of military police in a program of genocide called “street cleaning.”

 A Qantas captain is trained to assess, make a decision on validity, then action any such SOS message immediately. Captain John Jensen did just that before broadcasting the SOS throughout his plane. As voces of the children were heard, the hubbub in the cabin fell silent, “SOS Stevie Wonder, SOS Stevie Wonder, please captains of the sea send this message on for me; pilots of the air, please carry it with our prayer” followed by SOS messages to Elton John, Ray Charles, Bob Geldof and others. The children’s SOS messages were being broadcast.

To make an error on the validity of such messages and still broadcast them, particularly with such high-profile people nominated, could have been a very expensive exercise for a Qantas captain. That plane was carrying extra weight with the balls of courage in the cockpit.        

3rd Millennial Theatrical Rehearsal Extract


Aug 15, 2021 The number of children hospitalised with covid in USA PER DAY  is almost 2,000.  The question is how many in Africa? In India? Elsewhere? Then the real question is: what can we do about it?


Kids 4 Kids Inc receive an unprecedented response regarding assistance for children in numerous countries, especially those affected by Covid-19, following the statement of rights publications.

The youngest generation, Gen3M, speak out on behalf of those who can't speak out ~ the Children's Manifesto: LINK

2022:  A new video of The Children's Manifesto was released as we pay respect and honor
to the victims of the shooting at Robb Elementary School Uvalde, Texas.    WATCH VIDEO on Marist Media


2021:  READ MORE on the progression of the Children's Manifesto in 2020-2021   LINK


The Children's Manifesto Video (English)


Uni Students Address (video) MP4
Children's Manifesto (The) MP4
From Out of the Ashes MP3
Gen3M MP4
Kids 4 Kids SOS composite MP4
The Children's Manifesto ENGLISH MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto CHINESE MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto FARSI (Persian) MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto FILIPINO MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto FRENCH MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto INDONESIAN MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto ITALIAN MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto JAPANESE MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto PORTUGUESE MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto RUSSIAN MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto SIGNING MP4 MOV
The Children's Manifesto SPANISH MP3 PDF
The Children's Manifesto URDU MP3 PDF

# Since "The Children's Manifesto" started broadcasting, it has now been translated/recorded in 12 languages.


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2018 Archive

    Syria:  A report was released by Oxford Research Group in 2013, the essence of which is supported by the U.N., advising that over 11,000 children had been slain in the previous 18 months. In 2018 that revised figure has been estimated to be over 80,000.



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