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About Marscom  (Marist Communications) Television

Founder: Br. Oswin McKinney  fms   (R.I.P.)  

 Marscom Television, a Christian non-profit organisation, was established in 1989 to assist in the promulgation of messages to help humankind.

Marscom Television

P. O. Box 6177, Malabar 2036, Australia.

(Studios at Annandale & Malabar)  


Tel:  02 - 9311 3344

Web address: 

                                                    PRINCIPALS                                                          TENURE
 The Founder of Marscom Television:                         Br. "Oz" McKinney          1989 - 2003
 The Honourary Principal of Marscom Television:    Sister Betty Wallace          2004 - 2009
 The Honourary Principal of Marscom Television:    Sister Jill Kennedy             2010 - 2019
  The Honorary Principal of Marscom Television & Media:   Kym Derriman            2020 - current