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2018: Uni students of the youngest generation, Gen3M, step into the future, defining their destiny and that of the 3rd Millennium. A media production entitled "The 3rd Millennium" is to be released as part of a larger global production. Students participating are from various universities including Uni NSW, Uni Sydney, Uni Western Sydney, Uni Wollongong, Uni New York. The production is destined for universities internationally. A mini-series is being filmed and there will be a global simulcast.

 Hundreds of thousands of people have just been killed or enslaved by religious extremists in the Middle East. The global community responds to the threat by the perpetrators. This historic production addresses such atrocities.

The dream of the founder of Marscom Television, Br. Oswin McKinney, to assist disadvantaged children, is being posthumously realised with the launch of "The Children's Manifesto". It comes on the 25th anniversary of the founding of Marscom Television and coincides with the 20th anniversary of Kids 4 Kids Inc. This project is based on the movie in course of production,  "The 3rd Millennium".

2016 - 2017: The Children's Manifesto is adopted in numerous languages across nations.

2015: Hundreds more students, those of La Salle College, Greenhills in the Philippines then offered their support, recording "The Children's Manifesto" in English and Tagalog, as the legacy was sent onwards to Peru and Brazil for the recording in Spanish and Portuguese. The generation Gen3M is being self-sculptured into history.

2014: Young people around the world are supporting one of the most audacious attempts to bring awareness to the plight of disadvantaged children globally. Hundreds of students from Marcellin Champagnat College blazed a path into the 3rd Millennium and beyond as they declared "The Children's Manifesto", carrying the legacy of the children of the 2nd. Millennium into the present and future.


The Children's Manifesto Video (English)


# Since "The Children's Manifesto" started broadcasting, it has now been translated/recorded in 9 languages.

Editor's Message   Editorial-2013


    Syria:  A report was released by Oxford Research Group in 2013, the essence of which is supported by the U.N., advising that over 11,000 children had been slain in the previous 18 months. In 2017 that revised figure has been estimated to be over 80,000.



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